Yellowstone National Park, WY

“Restorative FUN!! I have to share about this adventure my family got to have because of someone else’s creative innovation in how to give back to others in a bigger way.  We were able to HAVE FUN because of cancer.  Now, if that isn’t an oxymoron…. but it happened…. because of another cancer sister’s vision and desire to want to provide family’s with opportunities to “overcome unexpected bad news with unprecedented good.” 

It was early January that Lauren reached out to me and said that everything was set up; lodging, gear, extra $$ and SNOWMOBILES!!!!  I then was able to surprise Joel and the boys about a month ago with what was planned for us all.  I had not seen them ALL excited about something, really excited, in a long time!  It was great to bring that to their faces.  And after telling them that we were going to be riding snowmobiles from West Yellowstone in to Old Faithful, they were SO excited.

Absolutely amazing that this incredible beauty is so close to us.  And how much we just take it for granted.  And also how swift and precious life is.”