MY CANCER CARD is a location based community app that incentivizes individuals surviving cancer to engage in face to face meetings and utilize nonprofits and their local resources.

The Emotional Side Effects of Cancer


The fear of “how will I survive this” can cause cancer patients to withdraw from their families and friends because it’s hard to articulate or adequately communicate how terrified we are of succumbing to the diagnosis.


Cancer patients can be uncomfortable with the overwhelming amount of attention and support they receive. So much that a cancer patient can become resentful and attempt to withdraw from people.


These new experiences of doubt can drive a wedge deep between the person they were and the person they fear they will become. It is normal for them to ask themselves “How will I ever be the same after this?”

Cancer impacts more than fifteen million Americans.

Over 1.7 million new cases in 2018!

Though the physical impact of cancer is common knowledge, the emotional side effects go overlooked.  Long term survivorship is difficult to understand due to social and emotional changes that occur over time.  Because of this, few platforms are able to properly serve those surviving cancer. This is unacceptable.  My Cancer Card is an app that understands the needs of those surviving cancer.

Millions of people around the world are living with cancer every day.

Research shows those impacted by cancer who know what to expect as they enter survivorship are more likely to show accelerated improvement in their social and emotional health.  Furthermore, those who are able to find cancer-related benefits are more emotionally resilient. Though this may sound easy, finding a community of people who “get it” and discovering ways to give back is not a simple task. 

An app designed by cancer survivors for survivors.  

My Cancer Card uses geo-location to connect individuals impacted by cancer.  In one glance, users can find others in a specified region with similar demographics and diagnosis.  In one glance, the app eliminates the experience of isolation. 

My Cancer Card is a platform that compiles a list of all nonprofits.  We have sought out a significant list of nonprofit agencies but we need your help!  You can recommend a nonprofit and rate your experience with a listed nonprofit. No longer do you need to worry about what to expect from a retreat or class. Just check out the comments and ratings of nonprofits in our directory and eliminate uncertainty.  

My Cancer Card incentives users to set goals and support others as they achieve their goals.  Life after cancer looks different for each of us but most of us make lifestyle changes after treatment.  Whether you are changing your diet, joining a book club or signing up for your first 5K, My Cancer Card can help you find a community of survivors making similar changes.  Want to give back? My Cancer Card will help you find relevant volunteer opportunities to help build a more resilient cancer community.   

The goal of My Cancer Card is to eliminate isolation, reduce fear/anxiety, and restore identity. After a cancer diagnosis, you receive a team of medical professionals to care for the physical effects of cancer and its treatment. Let My Cancer Card provide you the opportunity to restore the social and emotional effects of cancer from diagnosis through survivorship.