Adventure Therapy Community,

I want to connect with you this Thanksgiving, to express my gratitude.

This year has not gone as we planned, nonetheless I found 2020 to be full of good
things. To be clear, there is plenty to mourn for: friends were lost, opportunities disappeared,
plans cancelled, family absent, and fear prevalent. Each of us felt the pain of 2020 but our heart
at Adventure Therapy is to reveal the good in every circumstance and in every season.

This year the nonprofit experienced many good things including:

  • small business partners increased
  • corporate partnerships increased
  • our vision to impact the cancer community expanded
  • we established a safe way to provide retreats in some regions
  • our team of volunteers increased

Though 2020 brought many changes, these changes will ultimately have a positive impact on
our mission, a mission that has not faltered. Through every conversation and every product, our
mission continues strong. We work to eliminate the emotional side effects of cancer: isolation,
fear and broken identities.

I am thankful for this year because 2020 taught me that no circumstance can overshadow the
urgency in me to revolutionize the cancer experience. Thank you for your support,
encouragement, and engagement in good seasons and in 2020.

Lauren Huffmaster
Founder, Adventure Therapy Foundation
Metastatic Breast Cancer Survivor, 5 Years