Lauren’s  Favorite Hikes- 

  1. “The Impossible Trail”–named not because of its difficulty but instead of how hard it was to build.  It is an ADA path that hangs over the edge of Lake Tahoe.  It is also called the “Tahoe East Shore Trail.”  I suggest at least a 1/2 day not because of how long or hard but because the view is so amazing you won’t want to leave.  The trail starts/ends at Sand Harbor State park in Nevada, also worth your time.  Here the water is clear, the mountains snowcapped and the rocks are perfect for scrambling.
  2. For a long hike try a part of, The Perimeter Trail located on the Cumberland Plateau in Sewanee TN. Hike along rock bluffs, listening trickling water and checking out hundreds of types of moss growing on the rock and enjoy getting truly emersed in the woods.  Nearby you will find amazingly massive caves, an impressive stone bridge and numerous huge waterfalls.
  3. To overcome the trapped feelings of quarantine, head into a desert.  Whether in Death Valley, Joshua Tree or The Great Sand Dunes National Parks, the vast, stark experience of a desert is mentally liberating.  The aesthetic simplicity contrasted with the raw elements will scrub your soul clean from all the clutter that has built up since 2020.  You cannot drive through a desert cannot to experience it.  You must get out of the car and walk in any one direction before you will begin to take in the great length and width it encompasses.