As a generally optimistic person, I’m going to say something that may be controversial– cancer has taken so much from me. I know it has also been very hard on Bryan. To be clear, I am determined to beat it. But wonderful doctors, decent insurance, and a positive outlook can’t change the fact that cancer has upended our lives in ways we never could have expected. Adventure Therapy Foundation’s kindness, care packages, encouragement, and love have helped me to know that I’m not alone in this struggle. 

Adventure Therapy Foundation is addressing the isolation, fear, and change that cancer can bring by creating a space for families to remember that they are so much stronger than the disease. It’s even more valuable that the “space” is typically outdoors. From trying something new and exciting to quietly reflecting beside a fire– time spent in the outdoors reminds us that we are small beings on the Earth yet so large to the loved ones in our lives. Cancer may be part of our stories, but it doesn’t define how we live.

A few minutes on the phone with Lauren reminded me that so many strong, wonderful women are facing this challenge. When I think of that phone call, I am reassured that I am not alone. Even though our pathology reports and prognosis may be different, we share a common bond. In my mind, that bond isn’t cancer. Instead, all of us are warriors who love our partners and our families. Adventure Therapy Foundation helped me find comfort in the chaos.