Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, CA

“Adventure Therapy Foundation made me feel like a normal family enjoying a vacation adventure right before Jacks eye surgery and took so much worries off us right before!”

Jack was diagnosed with cancer at fourth months of age. His mother contacted us asking for an opportunity for their family to finally do what they had expected they would do together, before Jack’s cancer diagnosis. They wanted a weekend retreat to enjoy their RV camper with the kids.

Adventure Therapy made arrangements for this family to spend a weekend at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park. They were provided the red carpet RV slot, a golf cart rental donated by Jellystone Park and a gift card to ensure the family could enjoy every opportunity the park had to offer.

The mother said, “We had an amazing much needed stress free weekend at Yogi Bear Resort! Thank you so much!”

The week before this retreat was scheduled, Jack’s condition changed and his medical team decided he would need surgery to remove his eye. Adventure Therapy reached out to MagicHour and asked that they provide the family a free portrait session before the surgery. I am so glad the family was able to fit in the portrait session between doctors appointments!