“Cancer, for me, is not a valley darkened by the shadow of mountain-top experiences. Cancer is the calling of my life. It is through my brokenness that I hope to demonstrate love.  I founded Adventure Therapy that I may have an outlet to serve others impacted by cancer. I know the pain cancer causes. My own experience motivates me to seek out solutions that may minimize the burden of cancer from the lives of others.”

It was a bittersweet experience to be diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at the age of 37.  The thought of my young children, and what this label will mean to them, overwhelmed me. At the same time, I felt empowered, in a way I had waited to be empowered my entire life.  I knew I had a cause to fight for. I knew there were hurting people, people who did not have the tools to escape the pain of their diagnosis, 

and because of my diagnosis, I would fully understand what was needed to serve, support and encourage them. As a young mother with metastatic cancer, I can understand the emotional burden that cancer brings into the life of a patient and his/her immediate family. Spouses carry a burden equal to that of the patient, while children analyze every stressful moment filled with fear. 

Cancer doesn’t just weaken a body, it takes a significant emotional toll on family members. Adventure Therapy exists to give families impacted by cancer the opportunity to find emotional release in the outdoors. Walls and boundaries are minimized and the vastness of what lies beyond our limitations can be imagined in the wilderness.  Experiencing the mountains offers healing to the body and peace to the soul.