Adventure Therapy Foundation is a nonprofit that exists to minimize isolation, fear and a broken identity in families impacted by cancer. Our programs encourage families to engage in meaningful experiences together.

We provide families with adventures of their own design. Families impacted by cancer are invited to present Adventure Therapy with an outdoor opportunity that no one in your family has ever tried. We then plan the adventure and send you on your way. The excitement mixed with adrenaline will seal the day into your family’s memory forever.

Isolation is an instantaneous result of a cancer diagnosis. RISE is a tool where from the moment of diagnosis, a client understands s/he is not alone. If this root of isolation never takes hold in new patients, this emotional side effect can be eliminated before it begins. This tool also fosters a truer “cancer community” where each geographic region establishes its own meaningful  identity, inviting survivors and those impacted by cancer to participate and grow together. Connectivity and access to the resources in a specific region provides clients the best opportunity to eliminate fear and anxiety around cancer.


of participants in our retreat program were “extremely satisfied”

and would recommend Adventure Therapy to their friends


Click on an image below and read some of our recent family adventures.

Let me start by saying you gave me a gift
that will truly last a lifetime.
From the time we arrived here it has been magical.
A break like this for me is only in dreams…
you provided that, and I’m eternally grateful.
It has been over a year since my dad was
diagnosed. It seems like every week we say
“remember last year & how uncertain
everything seemed?”
Thanks to Adventure Therapy Foundation
we celebrated my dad’s miraculous recovery,
and we all did it together – what a gift.
I spent the day fishing, riding horses,
and chasing waterfalls with my favorite people.
Thank you so much Adventure Therapy Foundation
for making this one of my best birthdays ever. . .
What an amazing, restorative trip.
Getting away together was truly a gift
as we work through the fears of the unknown
and find ways to celebrate life and family. 
“Thank you so much for the amazing trip.
From the bottom of my heart this was incredible!!
A wonderful time to reconnect with my husband
after all we have been through, it was so special.”


Covid and Isolation

Last night I learned that a dear friend, who is in treatment for a second round of cancer, is in ICU. Her recent diagnosis perfectly represents how the COVID experience reflects the cancer experience. Reflecting on her story, in this moment in time, makes me want to clearly express […]

Giving Thanks

Adventure Therapy Community,

I want to connect with you this Thanksgiving, to express my gratitude.

This year has not gone as we planned, nonetheless I found 2020 to be full of good
things. To be clear, there is plenty to mourn for: friends were lost, opportunities disappeared,
plans cancelled, family absent, and fear prevalent. Each […]

Cancer and The Black Panther

The Black Panther, is known for providing viewers an iconic demonstration of the strength found in black communities.  The recent death of Chadwick Boseman has revealed another significant metaphorical layer within the film, the strength of a cancer patient wrestling with identity […]

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